Fine Hand Blown Glass
Fine Hand Blown Glass
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Sea Foam Series

In 1988, Sea Foam perfumes and vases were introduced in several colors with the bubbles ascending up the sides of the vessels. The series has evolved over the years to include other styles perfume bottles, vases, bowls, oil lamps and star lights. All hand blown and cold- worked with care and love. No Molds are used during production. Every piece is unique and special in their own way!

Colors come in Aurora: a whimsical rainbow swirl which was inspired by the Aurora Borealis. Bronze : a beautiful swirl of earth tones and a tiny splash of indigo blue to add interest. Red Multicolor: which includes a blend of rich rose tones with a splash of Lavender. Last but not least, our best seller Blue Multicolor which simulates the crisp and foamy colors of an ocean wave, blending turquoise, cobalt blue and sea foam green into a mix made in heaven. These color combinations took years of trial and error to develop due to the chemical properties and composition of glass colors and the way they interact with each other varies greatly with every combination.

Buzz Blodgett has always been impressed with the frozen liquidity of glass which seemed to mesh with his love for the ocean and surfing. This is where the inspiration of the Sea Foam bubbles came from for the series. The bubbles in our glass sparkle like sworski crystal in the light simulating the beauty and simplicity of a fresh ocean wave. We hope you enjoy this series as much as we love making them!